Rapid Power-Ups

Rapid Power-ups are delivered to a Cortex as Storm packages directly, without requiring any additional containers to be deployed. This allows users to rapidly expand the power of their Synapse deployments without needing to engage with additional operations teams in their environments. For an introduction to Rapid Power-ups and some information about publicly available Power-Ups, see the following blog post.

Available Rapid Power-Ups

The following Rapid Power-Ups are available:

Getting Started with Rapid Power-Ups

Vertex maintains a package repository which allows for loading public and private packages.

If you are a Synapse User Interface user, you can navigate to the Power-Ups tab to register your Cortex and configure packages directly from the UI.

Alternatively, one can use the storm tool to get started with Rapid Power-Ups in their Cortex.

First load the vertex package.

storm> pkg.load https://packages.vertex.link/pkgrepo

Register the Cortex using vertex.register. This will create an account if one does not exist, and send a magic link to the email address which can be used to log in. For additional details run vertex.register --help.

storm> vertex.register <your email>

Once the registration has completed, the available packages can be viewed.

storm> vertex.pkg.list

Storm packages can then be installed using the vertex package. For additional details run vertex.pkg.install --help.

storm> vertex.pkg.install <pkgname>


For Power-Ups that require an API key, the <pkgname>.setup.apikey command can be used to set the key globally or for the current user, with the latter taking precedence.

Other configuration requirements are detailed in the individual package documentation.