User Guide

Synapse-Backup adds new Storm commands for managing backups of other Synapse Services. Synapse-Backup streams archived backups (in .tar.gz format) from other Services via telepath and stores them as local files or in a supported backend.

Getting Started

Check with your Admin to enable permissions.


Take a backup of a service by name

> backup.service foosvc --wait
Backup successful, saved as fooservice-da137adeef4c9c0cf9af030065a4947a-1670304705784.tar.gz

This backup will now appear in the list of backups saved as local files.


When taking a backup of a service, the backup first must be written by the service locally to disk. This may take up storage space equal to the current size of the service. If the service does not have the backup:dir option configured for a dedicated backup directory (or volume), this backup is made to /vertex/storage/backups by default. If the volume backing /vertex/storage reaches a maximum capacity, the backup process will fail.

To avoid this from being an issue, when using the default configuration, make sure services do not exceed 50% of their storage utilization. For example, a Cortex that has a size of 32GB of utilized space may take up 32GB during a backup. The volume backing /vertex/storage should be at least 64GB in size to avoid issues taking backups.

> backup.list

Taking a backup of a service by URL

Services can also be backed up with their Telepath URLs. This can also be used to backup Synapse services which are not registered on the Cortex as Storm Services.

Backup with a SSL URL:

backup.service ssl://root:[email protected]:3399/

Backup with an AHA URL:

backup.service aha://[email protected]

Use of meta:source nodes

Synapse-Backup does not use meta:source nodes.