A Storm Package is a set of commands and Storm library code that is loaded into the Cortex.

Storm Packages can be loaded into the Cortex from a file, or using a remote repository.


Package Repository

Vertex maintains a package repository which allows for loading public and private packages.

From Optic, navigate to the Power-Ups tab to register and configure packages.

Alternatively, given the package repository URL, the storm tool can also be used.

First load the vertex package.

> pkg.load

Register the Cortex using vertex.register. This will create an account if one does not exist, and send a magic link to the email address which can be used to log in. For additional details run vertex.register --help.

> vertex.register <your email>

Once the registration has completed, the available packages can be viewed.

> vertex.pkg.list

Storm packages can then be installed using the vertex package. For additional details run vertex.pkg.install --help.

> vertex.pkg.install <pkgname>

Local Files

A package can also be loaded into a Cortex directly from local files.

First find the location of the <pkgname>.yaml file.

Then, from the terminal, use the genpkg tool to push the package.

$ python -m /path/to/<pkgname>.yaml --push tcp://<user>:<passwd>@<cortex_ip>:<cortex_port>


For packages that require an API key, the <pkgname>.setup.apikey command can be used to set the key globally or for the current user, with the latter taking precedence.

Other configuration requirements are detailed in the individual package documentation.