The Synapse Storm tool (commonly referred to as the Storm CLI) is a text-based interpreter that leverages the Storm query language (see Storm Reference - Introduction).

Connecting to a Cortex with the Storm CLI

To access the Storm CLI you must use the storm module to connect to a local or remote Synapse Cortex.


If you’re just getting started with Synapse, you can use the Synapse Quickstart to quickly set up and connect to a local Cortex using the Storm CLI.

To connect to a local or remote Synapse Cortex using the Storm CLI, simply run the Synapse storm module by executing the following Python command from a terminal window, where the <url> parameter is the URL path to the Synapse Cortex.

python -m <url>

The URL has the following format:




if authentication is used.

Example URL paths:

  • cell://vertex/storage (default if using Synapse Quickstart)

  • tcp://

  • ssl://

Once connected, you will be presented with the following Storm CLI command prompt:


Storm CLI Basics

Once connected to a Synapse Cortex with the Storm CLI, you can execute any Storm queries or Storm commands directly. Detailed information on using the Storm query language to interact with data in a Synapse Cortex can be found in the Storm Reference.

To view a list of available Storm commands, type help from the Storm CLI prompt:

storm> help

  • Detailed help for any command can be viewed by entering -h or --help after the individual command.

  • For additional detail on Storm commands, see Storm Reference - Storm Commands.

To exit the Storm CLI, enter !quit:

storm> !quit

  • The !quit command is technically an “external” (to Storm) command, so must be preceded by the bang (exclamation point) symbol.

Accessing External Commands

You can access a subset of external Synapse tools and commands from within the Storm CLI. External commands differ from native Storm commands in that they are preceded by a bang / exclamation point ( ! ) symbol.

You can view the available external commands by typing !help from the Storm CLI prompt:

storm> !help
!export   - Export the results of a storm query into a nodes file.
!help     - List interpreter extended commands and display help output.
!pullfile - Download a file by sha256 and store it locally.
!pushfile - Upload a file and create a file:bytes node.
!quit     - Quit the current command line interpreter.
!runfile  - Run a local storm file.

Notably, the Synapse pushfile and pullfile tools (used to upload and download files from a Synapse storage Axon) are accessible from the Storm CLI:

storm> !pushfile

storm> !pullfile

See pushfile and pullfile for additional detail on these tools.

Help for any external command can be viewed by entering -h or --help after the command:

storm> !export -h

storm> !export --help