Source code for synapse.lib.chop

import binascii

import regex

import synapse.exc as s_exc
import synapse.common as s_common

import synapse.lib.cache as s_cache

TagMatchRe = regex.compile(r'([\w*]+\.)*[\w*]+')

Shared primitive routines for chopping up strings and values.
[docs]def intstr(text): return int(text, 0)
[docs]def digits(text): return ''.join([c for c in text if c.isdigit()])
[docs]def printables(text): return ''.join([c for c in text if c.isprintable()])
[docs]def hexstr(text): ''' Ensure a string is valid hex. Args: text (str): String to normalize. Examples: Norm a few strings: hexstr('0xff00') hexstr('ff00') Notes: Will accept strings prefixed by '0x' or '0X' and remove them. Returns: str: Normalized hex string. ''' text = text.strip().lower() if text.startswith(('0x', '0X')): text = text[2:] if not text: raise s_exc.BadTypeValu(valu=text, name='hexstr', mesg='No string left after stripping') try: # checks for valid hex width and does character # checking in C without using regex s_common.uhex(text) except (binascii.Error, ValueError) as e: raise s_exc.BadTypeValu(valu=text, name='hexstr', mesg=str(e)) from None return text
[docs]def onespace(text): return ' '.join(text.split())
[docs]@s_cache.memoize(size=10000) def tag(text): return '.'.join(tagpath(text))
[docs]@s_cache.memoize(size=10000) def tagpath(text): text = text.lower().strip('#').strip() return [onespace(t) for t in text.split('.')]
[docs]@s_cache.memoize(size=10000) def tags(norm): ''' Divide a normalized tag string into hierarchical layers. ''' # this is ugly for speed.... parts = norm.split('.') return ['.'.join(parts[:i]) for i in range(1, len(parts) + 1)]
[docs]@s_cache.memoize(size=10000) def stormstring(s): ''' Make a string storm safe by escaping backslashes and double quotes. Args: s (str): String to make storm safe. Notes: This does not encapsulate a string in double quotes. Returns: str: A string which can be embedded directly into a storm query. ''' s = s.replace('\\', '\\\\') s = s.replace('"', '\\"') return s
[docs]def validateTagMatch(tag): ''' Raises an exception if tag is not a valid tagmatch (i.e. a tag that might have globs) ''' if TagMatchRe.fullmatch(tag) is None: raise s_exc.BadTag(mesg='Invalid tag match')
unicode_dashes = ( '\u2011', # non-breaking hyphen '\u2012', # figure dash '\u2013', # endash '\u2014', # emdash ) unicode_dashes_replace = tuple([(char, '-') for char in unicode_dashes])
[docs]def replaceUnicodeDashes(valu): ''' Replace unicode dashes in a string with regular dashes. Args: valu (str): A string. Returns: str: A new string with replaced dashes. ''' for dash in unicode_dashes: valu = valu.replace(dash, '-') return valu