Synapse User Interface

The Synapse UI is a WebUI which integrates with a Cortex to provide a view into your Synapse Ecosystem. A few important UI features include:

  • Directly supports collaborative analysis. Users can view changes made by their teammates immediately. This enables them to rapidly work together as peers.

  • Simplified Storm query bar and point-and-click navigation for exploring data. Users can visualize their data in multiple ways:

    • Tabular

    • Forcegraph

    • Statistics

    • Geospatial

  • Share your work! The UI contains the ability to generate reports directly from the Cortex. These can even be styled to meet your organizations needs.

  • Control your automation. Cron Jobs, Macros and Triggers are all automation tools which can be managed directly in the UI.

  • Directly manage your Rapid Power-Ups and get inline documentation for all the Power-Ups installed in the system.

  • Choose your collaborators. Users and Roles can all be managed by the UI, allowing you to designate additional admins, create analysis teams, and control access to system functionality.

For additional information on the UI, visit the User Interface Documentation!