Synapse Power-Ups

Power-Ups are part of The Vertex Project’s commercial offering, Synapse Enterprise. Synapse Enterprise is an on-premises solution that includes Optic (the Synapse UI) and all of the Power-Ups. The license includes unlimited users and does not limit the amount of data or number of instances you deploy. We take a white-glove approach to each deployment where we’re with you every step of the way from planning deployment sizes to helping to train your analysts.

Feel free to contact us or request a demo instance.

Power-Ups provide specific add-on capabilities to Synapse via Storm Packages and Services. For example, Power-Ups may provide connectivity to external databases, third-party data sources, or enable functionality such as the ability to manage YARA rules, scans, and matches.

For an introduction to Power-Ups from our analysts and seeing them in use, see the following video introducing them:

The Vertex Project is constantly releasing new Power-Ups and expanding features of existing Power-Ups. If you join the #synapse-releases channel in Synapse Slack, you can get realtime notices of these updates!

Rapid Power-Ups

Rapid Power-Ups are delivered to a Cortex as Storm packages directly, without requiring any additional containers to be deployed. This allows users to rapidly expand the power of their Synapse deployments without needing to engage with additional operations teams in their environments. For an introduction to Rapid Power-Ups and some information about publicly available Power-Ups, see the following blog post.

See the Rapid Power-Ups List for a complete list of all available Rapid Power-Ups.

Getting Started with Rapid Power-Ups

Vertex maintains a package repository which allows for loading public and private packages.

If you are a Synapse User Interface user, you can navigate to the Power-Ups Tool to register your Cortex and configure packages.

Alternatively, one can use the storm tool to get started with Rapid Power-Ups in their Cortex.

See our blog article for a step-by step guide to registering your Cortex to install the free synapse-misp, synapse-mitre-attack, and synapse-tor Power-Ups.

Advanced Power-Ups

Advanced Power-Ups are enhancements to a Cortex which require the deployment of additional containers in order to run their services.

Documentation for specific Advanced Power-Ups can be found here: