Source code for synapse.lib.crypto.coin

import logging
import binascii

import cbor2  # cardano
import regex
import bech32  # cardano
import base58  # btc and cardano
import Crypto.Hash.keccak as c_keccak
import bitcoin  # btc
import bitcoin.bech32 as bitcoin_b32  # btc
import synapse.vendor.cashaddress.convert as cashaddr_convert  # BCH support
import synapse.vendor.xrpl.core.addresscodec as xrp_addresscodec  # xrp support
import synapse.vendor.substrateinterface.utils.ss58 as substrate_ss58  # polkadot support

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

synapse.lib.crypto.coin contains functions for verifying whether or not a given
regex match containing a valu is valid for a given type of coin.

these functions are intended to be used with synapse.lib.scrape.

[docs]def btc_bech32_check(match: regex.Match): text = match.groupdict().get('valu') prefix, _ = text.split('1', 1) prefix = prefix.lower() if prefix == 'bc': bitcoin.SelectParams('mainnet') elif prefix == 'tb': bitcoin.SelectParams('testnet') elif prefix == 'bcrt': bitcoin.SelectParams('regtest') else: # pragma: no cover raise ValueError(f'Unknown prefix {text}') try: _ = bitcoin_b32.CBech32Data(text) except bitcoin_b32.Bech32Error: return None, {} # The proper form of a bech32 address is lowercased. We do not want to verify # a mixed case form, so lowercase it prior to returning. return ('btc', text.lower()), {}
[docs]def btc_base58_check(match: regex.Match): text = match.groupdict().get('valu') try: base58.b58decode_check(text) except ValueError: return None, {} return ('btc', text), {}
[docs]def ether_eip55(body: str): # From EIP-55 reference implementation hex_addr = body.lower() checksummed_buffer = "" hashed_address =, digest_bits=256).hexdigest() for nibble_index, character in enumerate(hex_addr): if character in "0123456789": # We can't upper-case the decimal digits checksummed_buffer += character elif character in "abcdef": # Check if the corresponding hex digit (nibble) in the hash is 8 or higher hashed_address_nibble = int(hashed_address[nibble_index], 16) if hashed_address_nibble > 7: checksummed_buffer += character.upper() else: checksummed_buffer += character else: return None return "0x" + checksummed_buffer
[docs]def eth_check(match: regex.Match): text = match.groupdict().get('valu') # type: str body = text[2:] ret = ether_eip55(body) if ret is None: return None, {} # Checksum if we're mixed case or not if not body.isupper() and not body.islower(): if ret != text: return None, {} return ('eth', text), {} # any valid 0x<40 character> hex string is possibly a ETH address. return ('eth', ret), {}
[docs]def bch_check(match: regex.Match): text = match.groupdict().get('valu') # Checksum if we're mixed case or not prefix, body = text.split(':', 1) if not body.isupper() and not body.islower(): return None, {} try: cashaddr_convert.Address._cash_string(text) except: return None, {} text = text.lower() return ('bch', text), {}
[docs]def xrp_check(match: regex.Match): text = match.groupdict().get('valu') if xrp_addresscodec.is_valid_classic_address(text) or xrp_addresscodec.is_valid_xaddress(text): return ('xrp', text), {} return None, {}
[docs]def substrate_check(match: regex.Match): text = match.groupdict().get('valu') prefix = text[0] # str if prefix == '1' and substrate_ss58.is_valid_ss58_address(text, valid_ss58_format=0): # polkadot return ('dot', text), {} elif prefix.isupper() and substrate_ss58.is_valid_ss58_address(text, valid_ss58_format=2): # kusuma return ('ksm', text), {} else: # Do nothing with generic substrate matches # Generic substrate addresses are checked with valid_ss58_format=42 return None, {}
[docs]def cardano_byron_check(match: regex.Match): text = match.groupdict().get('valu') # Try a base58 / cbor decoding try: decoded_text = base58.b58decode(text) message = cbor2.loads(decoded_text) if not isinstance(message, list) or len(message) != 2: return None, {} csum = message[1] computed_checksum = binascii.crc32(message[0].value) if csum == computed_checksum: return ('ada', text), {} except (ValueError, cbor2.CBORError): pass return None, {}
[docs]def cardano_shelly_check(match: regex.Match): text = match.groupdict().get('valu') # Bech32 decoding ret = bech32.bech32_decode(text) if ret == (None, None): return None, {} return ('ada', text), {}