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NOMINAL = 'nominal'
DEGRADED = 'degraded'
FAILED = 'failed'

[docs]class HealthCheck(object): def __init__(self, iden): self.iden = iden self._status = NOMINAL self.components = []
[docs] def pack(self): return {'iden': self.iden, 'components': self.components, 'status': self._status, }
[docs] def update(self, name, status, mesg='', data=None): ''' Append a new component to the Healcheck object. Args: name (str): Name of the reported component. status (str): nomdinal/degraded/failed status code. mesg (str): Optional message about the component status. data (dict): Optional arbitrary dictionary of additional metadata about the component. Returns: None ''' # Allow the component a shot at reporting a failure state status = status.lower() self.setStatus(status) if data is None: data = {} self.components.append({'status': status, 'name': name, 'mesg': mesg, 'data': data, })
[docs] def getStatus(self): return self._status
[docs] def setStatus(self, valu): valu = valu.lower() new_priority = HEALTH_PRIORITY.get(valu) if new_priority is None: raise ValueError(f'Value {valu} must be in {list(HEALTH_PRIORITY)}') # Can only degrade status, not improve it. if new_priority >= HEALTH_PRIORITY.get(self._status): return self._status = valu