Source code for synapse.lib.interval

A few utilities for dealing with intervals.
import synapse.lib.time as s_time

[docs]def fold(*vals): ''' Initialize a new (min,max) tuple interval from values. Args: *vals ([int,...]): A list of values (or Nones) Returns: ((int,int)): A (min,max) interval tuple or None ''' vals = [v for v in vals if v is not None] if not vals: return None return min(vals), max(vals)
[docs]def overlap(ival0, ival1): ''' Determine if two interval tuples have overlap. Args: ival0 ((int,int)): An interval tuple ival1 ((int,int)); An interval tuple Returns: (bool): True if the intervals overlap, otherwise False ''' min0, max0 = ival0 min1, max1 = ival1 return max(0, min(max0, max1) - max(min0, min1)) > 0
[docs]def parsetime(text): ''' Parse an interval time string and return a (min,max) tuple. Args: text (str): A time interval string Returns: ((int,int)): A epoch millis epoch time string ''' mins, maxs = text.split('-', 1) minv = s_time.parse(mins) maxv = s_time.parse(maxs, base=minv) return minv, maxv