Source code for synapse.lib.platforms.common

import os
import socket
import ctypes
import logging

import ctypes.util as c_util

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def setProcName(name): ''' Set the process title/name for process listing. ''''setProcName: %s' % (name,))
[docs]def getVolInfo(*paths): ''' Retrieve volume usage info for the given path. ''' path = os.path.join(*paths) path = os.path.expanduser(path) st = os.statvfs(path) free = st.f_bavail * st.f_frsize total = st.f_blocks * st.f_frsize return { 'free': free, 'used': total - free, 'total': total, }
[docs]def inet_pton(afam, text): return socket.inet_pton(afam, text)
[docs]def inet_ntop(afam, byts): return socket.inet_ntop(afam, byts)
[docs]def daemonize(): ''' For unix platforms, form a new process group using fork(). ''' if os.fork() != 0: exit() if os.fork() != 0: exit()
[docs]def getLibC(): ''' Return a ctypes reference to libc ''' return ctypes.CDLL(c_util.find_library('c'), use_errno=True)
[docs]def initHostInfo(): return {}