Source code for synapse.lib.stormlib.version

import synapse.exc as s_exc

import synapse.lib.version as s_version
import synapse.lib.stormtypes as s_stormtypes

[docs]@s_stormtypes.registry.registerLib class VersionLib(s_stormtypes.Lib): ''' A Storm Library for interacting with version information. ''' _storm_locals = ( {'name': 'synapse', 'desc': 'The synapse version tuple for the local Cortex.', 'type': {'type': 'function', '_funcname': '_getSynVersion', 'returns': {'type': 'list', 'desc': 'The version triple.', }}}, {'name': 'commit', 'desc': 'The synapse commit hash for the local Cortex.', 'type': {'type': 'function', '_funcname': '_getSynCommit', 'returns': {'type': 'str', 'desc': 'The commit hash.', }}}, {'name': 'matches', 'desc': ''' Check if the given version triple meets the requirements string. Examples: Check if the synapse version is in a range:: $synver = $lib.version.synapse() if $lib.version.matches($synver, ">=2.9.0") { $dostuff() } ''', 'type': {'type': 'function', '_funcname': 'matches', 'args': ( {'name': 'vertup', 'type': 'list', 'desc': 'Triple of major, minor, and patch version integers.', }, {'name': 'reqstr', 'type': 'str', 'desc': 'The version string to compare against.', }, ), 'returns': {'type': 'boolean', 'desc': 'True if the version meets the requirements, False otherwise.', }}}, ) _storm_lib_path = ('version',)
[docs] def getObjLocals(self): return { 'matches': self.matches, 'commit': self._getSynCommit, 'synapse': self._getSynVersion, }
async def _getSynVersion(self): return s_version.version async def _getSynCommit(self): return s_version.commit
[docs] async def matches(self, vertup, reqstr): reqstr = await s_stormtypes.tostr(reqstr) vertup = tuple(await s_stormtypes.toprim(vertup)) try: s_version.reqVersion(vertup, reqstr) return True except s_exc.BadVersion: return False