Source code for synapse.models.economic

import synapse.lib.module as s_module

[docs]class EconModule(s_module.CoreModule):
[docs] def getModelDefs(self): return (('econ', { 'types': ( ('econ:pay:cvv', ('str', {'regex': '^[0-9]{1,6}$'}), { 'doc': 'A Card Verification Value (CVV).'}), ('econ:pay:pin', ('str', {'regex': '^[0-9]{3,6}$'}), { 'doc': 'A Personal Identification Number.'}), ('econ:pay:mii', ('int', {'min': 0, 'max': 9}), { 'doc': 'A Major Industry Identifier (MII).'}), ('econ:pay:pan', ('str', {'regex': '^(?<iin>(?<mii>[0-9]{1})[0-9]{5})[0-9]{1,13}$'}), { 'doc': 'A Primary Account Number (PAN) or card number.'}), ('econ:pay:iin', ('int', {'min': 0, 'max': 999999}), { 'doc': 'An Issuer Id Number (IIN).'}), ('econ:pay:card', ('guid', {}), { 'doc': 'A single payment card.'}), ('econ:purchase', ('guid', {}), { 'doc': 'A purchase event.'}), ('econ:receipt:item', ('guid', {}), { 'doc': 'A line item included as part of a purchase.'}), ('econ:acquired', ('comp', {'fields': (('purchase', 'econ:purchase'), ('item', 'ndef'))}), { 'deprecated': True, 'doc': 'Deprecated. Please use econ:purchase -(acquired)> *.'}), ('econ:acct:payment', ('guid', {}), { 'doc': 'A payment or crypto currency transaction.'}), ('econ:acct:balance', ('guid', {}), { 'doc': 'A snapshot of the balance of an account at a point in time.'}), ('econ:price', ('hugenum', {'norm': False}), { 'doc': 'The amount of money expected, required, or given in payment for something', 'ex': '2.20'}), ('econ:currency', ('str', {'lower': True, 'strip': False}), { 'doc': 'The name of a system of money in general use', 'ex': 'usd'}), ('econ:fin:exchange', ('guid', {}), { 'doc': 'A financial exchange where securities are traded.'}), ('econ:fin:security', ('guid', {}), { 'doc': 'A financial security which is typically traded on an exchange.'}), ('econ:fin:bar', ('guid', {}), { 'doc': 'A sample of the open, close, high, low prices of a security in a specific time window'}), ('econ:fin:tick', ('guid', {}), { 'doc': 'A sample of the price of a security at a single moment in time'}), # econ:acct:bill # econ:bank:us:aba:rtn ( ABA Routing Number ) # econ:bank:us:account = (econ:bank:us:aba:rtn, acct) # econ:bank:swift:... ), 'edges': ( (('econ:purchase', 'acquired', None), { 'doc': 'The purchase was used to acquire the target node.'}), ), 'forms': ( ('econ:pay:iin', {}, ( ('org', ('ou:org', {}), { 'doc': 'The issuer organization.'}), ('name', ('str', {'lower': True}), { 'doc': 'The registered name of the issuer.'}), )), ('econ:pay:card', {}, ( ('pan', ('econ:pay:pan', {}), { 'doc': 'The payment card number.'}), ('pan:mii', ('econ:pay:mii', {}), { 'doc': 'The payment card MII.'}), ('pan:iin', ('econ:pay:iin', {}), { 'doc': 'The payment card IIN.'}), ('name', ('ps:name', {}), { 'doc': 'The name as it appears on the card.'}), ('expr', ('time', {}), { 'doc': 'The expiration date for the card.'}), ('cvv', ('econ:pay:cvv', {}), { 'doc': 'The Card Verification Value on the card.'}), ('pin', ('econ:pay:pin', {}), { 'doc': 'The Personal Identification Number on the card.'}), )), ('econ:purchase', {}, ( ('by:contact', ('ps:contact', {}), { 'doc': 'The contact information used to make the purchase.'}), ('from:contact', ('ps:contact', {}), { 'doc': 'The contact information used to sell the item.'}), ('time', ('time', {}), { 'doc': 'The time of the purchase.'}), ('place', ('geo:place', {}), { 'doc': 'The place where the purchase took place.'}), ('paid', ('bool', {}), { 'doc': 'Set to True if the purchase has been paid in full.'}), ('paid:time', ('time', {}), { 'doc': 'The point in time where the purchase was paid in full.'}), ('settled', ('time', {}), { 'doc': 'The point in time where the purchase was settled.'}), ('campaign', ('ou:campaign', {}), { 'doc': 'The campaign that the purchase was in support of.'}), ('price', ('econ:price', {}), { 'doc': 'The econ:price of the purchase'}), ('currency', ('econ:currency', {}), { 'doc': 'The econ:price of the purchase'}), )), ('econ:receipt:item', {}, ( ('purchase', ('econ:purchase', {}), { 'doc': 'The purchase that contains this line item.'}), ('count', ('int', {'min': 1}), { 'doc': 'The number of items included in this line item.'}), ('price', ('econ:price', {}), { 'doc': 'The total cost of this receipt line item.'}), ('product', ('biz:product', {}), { 'doc': 'The product being being purchased in this line item.'}), )), ('econ:acquired', {}, ( ('purchase', ('econ:purchase', {}), { 'doc': 'The purchase event which acquired an item.', 'ro': True, }), ('item', ('ndef', {}), { 'doc': 'A reference to the item that was acquired.', 'ro': True, }), ('item:form', ('str', {}), { 'doc': 'The form of item purchased.'}), )), ('econ:acct:payment', {}, ( ('txnid', ('str', {'strip': True}), { 'doc': 'A payment processor specific transaction id.'}), ('fee', ('econ:price', {}), { 'doc': 'The transaction fee paid by the recipient to the payment processor.'}), ('from:pay:card', ('econ:pay:card', {}), { 'doc': 'The payment card making the payment.'}), ('from:contract', ('ou:contract', {}), { 'doc': 'A contract used as an aggregate payment source.'}), ('from:coinaddr', ('crypto:currency:address', {}), { 'doc': 'The crypto currency address making the payment.'}), ('from:contact', ('ps:contact', {}), { 'doc': 'Contact information for the person/org being paid.'}), ('to:coinaddr', ('crypto:currency:address', {}), { 'doc': 'The crypto currency address receiving the payment.'}), ('to:contact', ('ps:contact', {}), { 'doc': 'Contact information for the person/org being paid.'}), ('to:contract', ('ou:contract', {}), { 'doc': 'A contract used as an aggregate payment destination.'}), ('time', ('time', {}), { 'doc': 'The time the payment was processed.'}), ('purchase', ('econ:purchase', {}), { 'doc': 'The purchase which the payment was paying for.'}), ('amount', ('econ:price', {}), { 'doc': 'The amount of money transferred in the payment'}), ('currency', ('econ:currency', {}), { 'doc': 'The currency of the payment'}), ('memo', ('str', {}), { 'doc': 'A small note specified by the payer common in financial transactions.'}), ('crypto:transaction', ('crypto:currency:transaction', {}), { 'doc': 'A crypto currency transaction that initiated the payment.'}), )), ('econ:acct:balance', {}, ( ('time', ('time', {}), { 'doc': 'The time the balance was recorded.'}), ('pay:card', ('econ:pay:card', {}), { 'doc': 'The payment card holding the balance.'}), ('crypto:address', ('crypto:currency:address', {}), { 'doc': 'The crypto currency address holding the balance.'}), ('amount', ('econ:price', {}), { 'doc': 'The account balance at the time.'}), ('currency', ('econ:currency', {}), { 'doc': 'The currency of the balance amount.'}), ('delta', ('econ:price', {}), { 'doc': 'The change since last regular sample.'}), ('total:received', ('econ:price', {}), { 'doc': 'The total amount of currency received by the account.'}), ('total:sent', ('econ:price', {}), { 'doc': 'The total amount of currency sent from the account.'}), )), ('econ:fin:exchange', {}, ( ('name', ('str', {'lower': True, 'strip': True}), { 'doc': 'A simple name for the exchange', 'ex': 'nasdaq'}), ('org', ('ou:org', {}), { 'doc': 'The organization that operates the exchange'}), ('currency', ('econ:currency', {}), { 'doc': 'The currency used for all transactions in the exchange', 'ex': 'usd'}), )), ('econ:fin:security', {}, ( ('exchange', ('econ:fin:exchange', {}), { 'doc': 'The exchange on which the security is traded'}), ('ticker', ('str', {'lower': True, 'strip': True}), { 'doc': 'The identifier for this security within the exchange'}), ('type', ('str', {'lower': True, 'strip': True}), { 'doc': 'A user defined type such as stock, bond, option, future, or forex'}), ('price', ('econ:price', {}), { 'doc': 'The last known/available price of the security'}), ('time', ('time', {}), { 'doc': 'The time of the last know price sample'}), )), ('econ:fin:tick', {}, ( ('security', ('econ:fin:security', {}), { 'doc': 'The security measured by the tick'}), ('time', ('time', {}), { 'doc': 'The time the price was sampled'}), ('price', ('econ:price', {}), { 'doc': 'The price of the security at the time'}), )), ('econ:fin:bar', {}, ( ('security', ('econ:fin:security', {}), { 'doc': 'The security measured by the bar'}), ('ival', ('ival', {}), { 'doc': 'The interval of measurement'}), ('price:open', ('econ:price', {}), { 'doc': 'The opening price of the security'}), ('price:close', ('econ:price', {}), { 'doc': 'The closing price of the security'}), ('price:low', ('econ:price', {}), { 'doc': 'The low price of the security'}), ('price:high', ('econ:price', {}), { 'doc': 'The high price of the security'}), )), ), }),)