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import synapse.lib.module as s_module

[docs]class MediaModule(s_module.CoreModule):
[docs] def getModelDefs(self): name = 'media' ctors = () forms = ( ('media:news:taxonomy', {}, ()), ('media:news', {}, ( ('url', ('inet:url', {}), { 'ex': '', 'doc': 'The (optional) URL where the news was published.'}), ('url:fqdn', ('inet:fqdn', {}), { 'ex': '', 'doc': 'The FQDN within the news URL.'}), ('type', ('media:news:taxonomy', {}), { 'doc': 'A taxonomy for the type of reporting or news.'}), ('file', ('file:bytes', {}), { 'doc': 'The (optional) file blob containing or published as the news.'}), ('title', ('str', {'lower': True}), { 'ex': 'mars lander reaches mars', 'disp': {'hint': 'text'}, 'doc': 'Title/Headline for the news.'}), ('summary', ('str', {}), { 'ex': 'lorum ipsum', 'disp': {'hint': 'text'}, 'doc': 'A brief summary of the news item.'}), ('publisher', ('ou:org', {}), { 'doc': 'The organization which published the news.'}), ('publisher:name', ('ou:name', {}), { 'doc': 'The name of the publishing org used to publish the news.'}), ('published', ('time', {}), { 'ex': '20161201180433', 'doc': 'The date the news item was published.'}), ('org', ('ou:alias', {}), { 'deprecated': True, 'doc': 'Deprecated. Please use :publisher:name.'}), ('author', ('ps:name', {}), { 'deprecated': True, 'doc': 'Deprecated. Please use :authors array of ps:contact nodes.'}), ('authors', ('array', {'type': 'ps:contact', 'split': ',', 'uniq': True, 'sorted': True}), { 'doc': 'An array of authors of the news item.'}), ('rss:feed', ('inet:url', {}), { 'doc': 'The RSS feed that published the news.'}), ('ext:id', ('str', {}), { 'doc': 'An external identifier specified by the publisher.'}), ('topics', ('array', {'type': 'media:topic', 'uniq': True, 'sorted': True}), { 'doc': 'An array of relevant topics discussed in the report.'}), )), ('media:topic', {}, ( ('desc', ('str', {}), { 'doc': 'A brief description of the topic.'}), )), ) types = ( ('media:news', ('guid', {}), { 'doc': 'A GUID for a news article or report.'}), ('media:news:taxonomy', ('taxonomy', {}), { 'doc': 'A taxonomy of types or sources of news.'}), ('media:topic', ('str', {'lower': True, 'onespace': True}), { 'doc': 'A topic string.'}), ) modldef = (name, { 'ctors': ctors, 'forms': forms, 'types': types, }) return (modldef, )