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import sys
import asyncio
import pathlib
import argparse

import synapse.common as s_common
import synapse.telepath as s_telepath

import synapse.lib.output as s_output

[docs]async def main(argv, outp=None): pars = setup() opts = pars.parse_args(argv) if outp is None: # pragma: no cover outp = s_output.OutPut() if opts.output is None: opts.output = '.' outdir = pathlib.Path(opts.output) s_common.gendir(opts.output) async with s_telepath.withTeleEnv(): async with await s_telepath.openurl(opts.axon) as axon: # reminder: these are the hashes *not* available awants = await axon.wants([s_common.uhex(h) for h in opts.hashes]) for a in awants: outp.printf(f'{s_common.ehex(a)} not in axon store') exists = [h for h in opts.hashes if s_common.uhex(h) not in awants] for h in exists: try: outp.printf(f'Fetching {h} to file') with open(outdir.joinpath(h), 'wb') as fd: async for b in axon.get(s_common.uhex(h)): fd.write(b) outp.printf(f'Fetched {h} to file') except Exception as e: outp.printf('Error: Hit Exception: %s' % (str(e),)) continue return 0
[docs]def setup(): desc = 'Fetches file from the given axon' pars = argparse.ArgumentParser('', description=desc) pars.add_argument('-a', '--axon', type=str, dest='axon', required=True, help='URL to the axon blob store') pars.add_argument('-o', '--output', type=str, dest='output', help='Directory to output files to') pars.add_argument('-l', '--list-hashes', dest='hashes', action='append', default=[], help='List of hashes to pull from axon') return pars
if __name__ == '__main__': # pragma: no cover sys.exit([1:])))