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import os
import sys
import glob
import asyncio
import logging
import argparse

import synapse.exc as s_exc
import synapse.common as s_common
import synapse.telepath as s_telepath

import synapse.lib.output as s_output
import synapse.lib.hashset as s_hashset

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]async def main(argv, outp=None): if outp is None: # pragma: no cover outp = s_output.OutPut() pars = makeargparser() opts = pars.parse_args(argv) async with s_telepath.withTeleEnv(): axon = await s_telepath.openurl(opts.axon) core = None if opts.cortex: core = await s_telepath.openurl(opts.cortex) tags = set() if opts.tags: for tag in opts.tags.split(','): tags.add(tag) tags = tuple(tags) if tags: outp.printf(f'adding tags: {tags}') filepaths = set() for item in opts.filenames: paths = glob.glob(item, recursive=opts.recursive) if not paths: outp.printf(f'filepath does not contain any files: {item}') continue filepaths.update([path for path in paths if os.path.isfile(path)]) for path in filepaths: bname = os.path.basename(path) hset = s_hashset.HashSet() with s_common.reqfile(path) as fd: hset.eatfd(fd) fhashes = {htyp: hasher.hexdigest() for htyp, hasher in hset.hashes} sha256 = fhashes.get('sha256') bsha256 = s_common.uhex(sha256) if not await axon.has(bsha256): async with await axon.upload() as upfd: with s_common.genfile(path) as fd: for byts in s_common.iterfd(fd): await upfd.write(byts) size, hashval = await if hashval != bsha256: # pragma: no cover raise s_exc.SynErr(mesg='hashes do not match', ehash=s_common.ehex(hashval), ahash=hashval) outp.printf(f'Uploaded [{bname}] to axon') else: outp.printf(f'Axon already had [{bname}]') if core: opts = {'vars': { 'md5': fhashes.get('md5'), 'sha1': fhashes.get('sha1'), 'sha256': fhashes.get('sha256'), 'size': hset.size, 'name': bname, 'tags': tags, }} q = '[file:bytes=$sha256 :md5=$md5 :sha1=$sha1 :size=$size :name=$name] ' \ '{ for $tag in $tags { [+#$tag] } }' msgs = await core.storm(q, opts=opts).list() node = [m[1] for m in msgs if m[0] == 'node'][0] iden = node[0][1] size = node[1]['props']['size'] name = node[1]['props']['name'] mesg = f'file: {bname} ({size}) added to core ({iden}) as {name}' outp.printf(mesg) await axon.fini() if core: await core.fini() return 0
[docs]def makeargparser(): desc = 'Command line tool for uploading files to an Axon and making ' \ 'file:bytes in a Cortex.' pars = argparse.ArgumentParser('', description=desc) pars.add_argument('-a', '--axon', required=True, type=str, dest='axon', help='URL for a target Axon to store files at.') pars.add_argument('-c', '--cortex', default=None, type=str, dest='cortex', help='URL for a target Cortex to make file:bytes nodes.') pars.add_argument('filenames', nargs='+', help='File names (or glob patterns) to upload') pars.add_argument('-r', '--recursive', action='store_true', help='Recursively search paths to upload files.') pars.add_argument('-t', '--tags', help='comma separated list of tags to add to the nodes') return pars
if __name__ == '__main__': # pragma: no cover sys.exit([1:])))