Source code for

import os
import sys
import copy
import asyncio
import logging
import argparse

import synapse.exc as s_exc
import synapse.common as s_common
import synapse.telepath as s_telepath

import synapse.lib.cli as s_cli
import synapse.lib.cmd as s_cmd
import synapse.lib.node as s_node
import synapse.lib.time as s_time
import synapse.lib.output as s_output
import synapse.lib.parser as s_parser
import synapse.lib.msgpack as s_msgpack

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

ERROR_COLOR = '#ff0066'
WARNING_COLOR = '#f4e842'
NODEEDIT_COLOR = "lightblue"

welcome = '''
Welcome to the Storm interpreter!

Local interpreter (non-storm) commands may be executed with a ! prefix:
    Use !quit to exit.
    Use !help to see local interpreter commands.
[docs]class QuitCmd(s_cli.CmdQuit): ''' Quit the current command line interpreter. Example: !quit ''' _cmd_name = '!quit'
[docs]class HelpCmd(s_cli.CmdHelp): ''' List interpreter extended commands and display help output. Example: !help foocmd ''' _cmd_name = '!help'
[docs]class StormCliCmd(s_cli.Cmd): # cut the Cmd instance over to using argparser and cmdrargv split
[docs] def getArgParser(self): desc = self.getCmdDoc() pars = s_cmd.Parser(prog=self._cmd_name, description=desc, outp=self._cmd_cli.outp) return pars
[docs] def getCmdOpts(self, text): pars = self.getArgParser() argv = s_parser.Parser(text).cmdrargs() return pars.parse_args(argv[1:])
[docs]class RunFileCmd(StormCliCmd): ''' Run a local storm file. Example: !runfile /path/to/file.storm ''' _cmd_name = '!runfile'
[docs] def getArgParser(self): pars = StormCliCmd.getArgParser(self) pars.add_argument('stormfile', help='A local file containing a storm query.') return pars
[docs] async def runCmdOpts(self, opts): if not os.path.isfile(opts.stormfile): self.printf(f'no such file: {opts.stormfile}') return with open(opts.stormfile, 'rb') as fd: text = self.printf(f'running storm file: {opts.stormfile}') await self._cmd_cli.storm(text)
[docs]class PushFileCmd(StormCliCmd): ''' Upload a file and create a file:bytes node. Example: !pushfile /path/to/file ''' _cmd_name = '!pushfile'
[docs] def getArgParser(self): pars = StormCliCmd.getArgParser(self) pars.add_argument('filepath', help='A local file to push to the Cortex.') return pars
[docs] async def runCmdOpts(self, opts): if not os.path.isfile(opts.filepath): self.printf(f'no such file: {opts.filepath}') return self.printf(f'uploading file: {opts.filepath}') async with await self._cmd_cli.item.getAxonUpload() as upload: with open(opts.filepath, 'rb') as fd: byts = while byts: await upload.write(byts) byts = size, sha256 = await opts = {'vars': { 'sha256': s_common.ehex(sha256), 'name': os.path.basename(opts.filepath), }} await self._cmd_cli.storm('[ file:bytes=$sha256 ] { -:name [:name=$name] }', opts=opts)
[docs]class PullFileCmd(StormCliCmd): ''' Download a file by sha256 and store it locally. Example: !pullfile c00adfcc316f8b00772cdbce2505b9ea539d74f42861801eceb1017a44344ed3 /path/to/savefile ''' _cmd_name = '!pullfile'
[docs] def getArgParser(self): pars = StormCliCmd.getArgParser(self) pars.add_argument('sha256', help='The SHA256 of the file to download.') pars.add_argument('filepath', help='The file path to save the downloaded file to.') return pars
[docs] async def runCmdOpts(self, opts): self.printf(f'downloading sha256: {opts.sha256}') try: with s_common.genfile(opts.filepath) as fd: async for byts in self._cmd_cli.item.getAxonBytes(opts.sha256): byts = fd.write(byts) self.printf(f'saved to: {opts.filepath}') except asyncio.CancelledError as e: raise except s_exc.SynErr as e: self.printf(e.errinfo.get('mesg', str(e)))
[docs]class ExportCmd(StormCliCmd): ''' Export the results of a storm query into a nodes file. Example: // Export nodes to a file !export dnsa.nodes { inet:fqdn#mynodes -> inet:dns:a } // Export nodes to a file and only include specific tags !export fqdn.nodes { inet:fqdn#mynodes } --include-tags footag ''' _cmd_name = '!export'
[docs] def getArgParser(self): pars = StormCliCmd.getArgParser(self) pars.add_argument('filepath', help='The file path to save the export to.') pars.add_argument('query', help='The Storm query to export nodes from.') pars.add_argument('--include-tags', nargs='*', help='Only include the specified tags in output.') pars.add_argument('--no-tags', default=False, action='store_true', help='Do not include any tags on exported nodes.') return pars
[docs] async def runCmdOpts(self, opts): self.printf(f'exporting nodes') queryopts = {} if opts.include_tags: queryopts['scrub'] = {'include': {'tags': opts.include_tags}} if opts.no_tags: queryopts['scrub'] = {'include': {'tags': []}} try: query = opts.query[1:-1] with s_common.genfile(opts.filepath) as fd: cnt = 0 async for pode in self._cmd_cli.item.exportStorm(query, opts=queryopts): byts = fd.write(s_msgpack.en(pode)) cnt += 1 self.printf(f'saved {cnt} nodes to: {opts.filepath}') except asyncio.CancelledError as e: raise except s_exc.SynErr as e: self.printf(e.errinfo.get('mesg', str(e)))
[docs]class StormCli(s_cli.Cli): histfile = 'storm_history' async def __anit__(self, item, outp=s_output.stdout, opts=None): await s_cli.Cli.__anit__(self, item, outp=outp) self.indented = False self.cmdprompt = 'storm> ' self.stormopts = {'repr': True} self.hidetags = False self.hideprops = False self._print_skips = []
[docs] def initCmdClasses(self): self.addCmdClass(QuitCmd) self.addCmdClass(HelpCmd) self.addCmdClass(ExportCmd) self.addCmdClass(RunFileCmd) self.addCmdClass(PullFileCmd) self.addCmdClass(PushFileCmd)
[docs] def printf(self, mesg, addnl=True, color=None): if self.indented: s_cli.Cli.printf(self, '') self.indented = False return s_cli.Cli.printf(self, mesg, addnl=addnl, color=color)
[docs] async def runCmdLine(self, line, opts=None): if line[0] == '!': return await s_cli.Cli.runCmdLine(self, line) await self.storm(line, opts=opts)
[docs] async def handleErr(self, mesg): err = mesg[1] if err[0] == 'BadSyntax': pos = err[1].get('at', None) text = err[1].get('text', None) tlen = len(text) mesg = err[1].get('mesg', None) if pos is not None and text is not None and mesg is not None: text = text.replace('\n', ' ') # Handle too-long text if tlen > 60: text = text[max(0, pos - 30):pos + 30] if pos < tlen - 30: text += '...' if pos > 30: text = '...' + text pos = 33 self.printf(text) self.printf(f'{" " * pos}^') self.printf(f'Syntax Error: {mesg}', color=ERROR_COLOR) return text = err[1].get('mesg', err[0]) self.printf(f'ERROR: {text}', color=ERROR_COLOR)
def _printNodeProp(self, name, valu): self.printf(f' {name} = {valu}')
[docs] async def storm(self, text, opts=None): realopts = copy.deepcopy(self.stormopts) if opts is not None: realopts.update(opts) async for mesg in self.item.storm(text, opts=realopts): mtyp = mesg[0] if mtyp in self._print_skips: continue if mtyp == 'node': node = mesg[1] formname, formvalu = s_node.reprNdef(node) self.printf(f'{formname}={formvalu}') if not self.hideprops: props = [] extns = [] univs = [] for name in s_node.props(node).keys(): if name.startswith('.'): univs.append(name) continue if name.startswith('_'): extns.append(name) continue props.append(name) props.sort() extns.sort() univs.sort() for name in props: valu = s_node.reprProp(node, name) name = ':' + name self._printNodeProp(name, valu) for name in extns: valu = s_node.reprProp(node, name) name = ':' + name self._printNodeProp(name, valu) for name in univs: valu = s_node.reprProp(node, name) self._printNodeProp(name, valu) if not self.hidetags: for tag in sorted(s_node.tagsnice(node)): valu = s_node.reprTag(node, tag) tprops = s_node.reprTagProps(node, tag) printed = False if valu: self.printf(f' #{tag} = {valu}') printed = True if tprops: for prop, pval in tprops: self.printf(f' #{tag}:{prop} = {pval}') printed = True if not printed: self.printf(f' #{tag}') elif mtyp == 'node:edits': edit = mesg[1] count = sum(len(e[2]) for e in edit.get('edits', ())) s_cli.Cli.printf(self, '.' * count, addnl=False, color=NODEEDIT_COLOR) self.indented = True elif mtyp == 'fini': took = mesg[1].get('took') took = max(took, 1) count = mesg[1].get('count') pers = float(count) / float(took / 1000) self.printf('complete. %d nodes in %d ms (%d/sec).' % (count, took, pers)) elif mtyp == 'print': self.printf(mesg[1].get('mesg')) elif mtyp == 'warn': info = mesg[1] warn = info.pop('mesg', '') xtra = ', '.join([f'{k}={v}' for k, v in info.items()]) if xtra: warn = ' '.join([warn, xtra]) self.printf(f'WARNING: {warn}', color=WARNING_COLOR) elif mtyp == 'err': await self.handleErr(mesg)
[docs]def getArgParser(): pars = argparse.ArgumentParser(prog='') pars.add_argument('cortex', help='A telepath URL for the Cortex.') pars.add_argument('onecmd', nargs='?', help='A single storm command to run and exit.') return pars
[docs]async def main(argv, outp=s_output.stdout): pars = getArgParser() opts = pars.parse_args(argv) async with s_telepath.withTeleEnv(): async with await s_telepath.openurl(opts.cortex) as proxy: async with await StormCli.anit(proxy, outp=outp, opts=opts) as cli: if opts.onecmd: await cli.runCmdLine(opts.onecmd) return # pragma: no cover cli.colorsenabled = True cli.printf(welcome) await cli.addSignalHandlers() await cli.runCmdLoop()
if __name__ == '__main__': # pragma: no cover sys.exit([1:])))