Synapse Docker Builds

This doc details the docker builds and scripts used by Synapse.


There are several images provided by the Synapse repository. These are built from an external image that is periodically updated with core Synapse dependencies.

The images provided include the following:


This container just contains Synapse installed into it. It does not start any services.


This container starts the Aha service.


This container starts the Axon service.


This container starts the Cortex service.


This container starts the Cryotank service.


This container starts the JSONStor service.


This container launches the Synapse stemcell server.

Building All Images

Images are built using Bash scripts. All of the images can be built directly with a single command:

$ ./docker/ <optional_image_tag>

If the image tag is not provided, it will tag the images with :dev_build.

Building a Specific Application Image

A specific application images can be built as well.

$ ./docker/ <application> <optional_image_tag>

# Example of building a local Cortex image.

$ ./docker/ cortex my_test_image

If the image tag is not provided, it will tag the image with :dev_build.

Building the vertexproject/synapse image

The bare image with only Synapse installed on it can be built like the following:

$ docker build --pull -t vertexproject/synapse:$TAG -f docker/images/synapse/Dockerfile .

# Example of building directly with the tag mytag

$ docker build --pull -t vertexproject/synapse:mytag -f docker/images/synapse/Dockerfile .