User Guide

Synapse-BlockCypher User Guide

Synapse-BlockCypher adds new Storm commands to allow you to query the BlockCypher API using your existing API key.

Getting Started

Check with your Admin to enable permissions and find out if you need a personal API key.


Setting your personal API key

To set-up a personal use API key:

> blockcypher.setup.apikey --self myapikey
Setting BlockCypher API key for the current user.

Load transactions for a BTC address

> [ crypto:currency:address=btc/3HMgskrRPa5ZVwtU7C9Qt7WYYym1yQzdww ] | blockcypher.transactions --yield | limit 2
WARNING: BlockCypher API Returned HTTP Error: -1

Use of meta:source nodes

Synapse-BlockCypher uses a meta:source node and -(seen)> light weight edges to track nodes observed from the BlockCypher API.

> meta:source=da3214470f1b0117b4effca6105a86a6
        .created = 2024/02/29 14:02:01.768
        :name = blockcypher api