Admin Guide

Synapse-US-CISA Admin Guide



Package (synapse-us-cisa) defines the following permissions:           : Controls user access to Synapse-US-CISA. ( default: false )

You may add rules to users/roles directly from storm:

> auth.user.addrule visi
Added rule to user visi.


> auth.role.addrule ninjas
Added rule to role ninjas.

US CISA Organization Name

The following organization name is used for risk:vuln:reporter:name when deconflicting nodes.

u.s. cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency (cisa)

If there is an existing ou:org node that represents US CISA this name should be set as ou:org:name, or added to ou:org:names, so that it will be used to set risk:vuln:reporter.