The Synapse easycert tool can be used to manage CA, host, and user certificates.


easycert is executed using python -m synapse.tools.easycert. The command usage is as follows:

usage: easycert [-h] [--certdir CERTDIR] [--importfile {cas,hosts,users}] [--ca] [--p12] [--server] [--server-sans SERVER_SANS] [--csr] [--sign-csr] [--signas SIGNAS]

Command line tool to generate simple x509 certs

positional arguments:
  name                  common name for the certificate (or filename for CSR signing)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --certdir CERTDIR     Directory for certs/keys
  --importfile {cas,hosts,users}
                        import certs and/or keys into local certdir
  --ca                  mark the certificate as a CA/CRL signer
  --p12                 mark the certificate as a p12 archive
  --server              mark the certificate as a server
  --server-sans SERVER_SANS
                        server cert subject alternate names
  --csr                 generate a cert signing request
  --sign-csr            sign a cert signing request
  --signas SIGNAS       sign the new cert with the given cert name