The Synapse pullfile command can be used to retrieve (download) one or more files from a storage Axon (see Axon in the Synapse Devops Guide).


pullfile is executed from an operating system command shell. The command usage is as follows:

usage: synapse.tools.pullfile [-h] -a AXON [-o OUTPUT] [-l HASHES]


  • AXON is the telepath URL to a storage Axon.

  • OUTPUT is the optional directory path where the downloaded file(s) should be written.

    • If no option is specified, the file(s) will be written to the current working directory.

    • It is not possible to specify multiple -o options with a single pullfile command (i.e., a different -o option with each -l HASH, for example). If multiple -o options are specified, the last OUTPUT path specified will be used.

    • Files saved locally are named using their SHA256 hash value.

  • HASHES is the SHA256 hash(es) of the file(s) to be retrieved.

    • Multiple hashes can be specified, but each must be listed with its own -l option (i.e., -l HASH_0 -l HASH_1 ... -l HASH_n).


Download the two files with the specified SHA256 hashes from the specified Axon to the local /home/user/Documents directory (replace the Axon path below with the path to your Axon. Note that the command is wrapped for readability):

python -m synapse.tools.pullfile -a tcp://axon.vertex.link:5555/axon00
  -o /home/user/Documents
  -l 229cdde419ba9549023de39c6a0ca8af74b45fade2d7a22cdc4105a75cd40ab0
  -l 52c672f45adacca4878461c1bdd5800af8518e675819a0bdcd5c64a72075a478

Executing the command will result in various status messages showing the query and successful retrieval of the file(s):

Fetching 229cdde419ba9549023de39c6a0ca8af74b45fade2d7a22cdc4105a75cd40ab0 to file
Fetched 229cdde419ba9549023de39c6a0ca8af74b45fade2d7a22cdc4105a75cd40ab0 to file
Fetching 52c672f45adacca4878461c1bdd5800af8518e675819a0bdcd5c64a72075a478 to file
Fetched 52c672f45adacca4878461c1bdd5800af8518e675819a0bdcd5c64a72075a478 to file